What should you know in promoting synergy between your employees?

    August 22, 2022 Education


    What should you know about promoting synergy between your employees? 


    But first, what is synergy in the workplace? 

    Synergy in the workplace refers to the group of teams in organizations or institutions that combine their efforts to enhance the achievements of the task, expand to significant outreach partners, or improve collaboration with related stakeholder. Teamwork in this scenario is crucial to produce collaborative results that could foster the growth of work productivity and effectively connect. This commonly takes inspiration from the Ancient Greek Philosophy that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  

    1. Encourage Open and Positive Communication: For employees to effectively collaborate on projects, you need to foster a positive and open work environment where everyone feels supported. It's essential to take communication as a key to forming team spirit. This can include guiding the team to understand the importance of diversity, inclusion, and respect. A conducive work environment would promote your employee's growth of their work productivity.  

    2. Set group norms intentionally: Group norms are the unspoken rules that guide how team members interact. Avoid having unnecessary assumptions and reduces guesswork and uncertainty. Group norms would make it easier for teams to collaborate through: 

    • You were checking up with your employees by asking how their day was and appreciating your employee's and co-worker works. 
    • Create a sense of belonging among team members by empowering them to take part in decision making 
    • Increase trust, and give your employees some space for their self-growth. For instance, it encourages them to learn new skills, join conferences, etc. 
    • Establish team-wide policies on communication styles to reduce perceived social loafing. 

    3. Five (5) aspects of Positive Collaborative experience that employers shall take into account: 


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