SPARK HOUR | How to prepare your startup/business for the market?

    September 20, 2022 Education

    In this episode we invited two special guests including:

    *     Founder of Localize Tech Solution: Mr. Tuy Hong. He used to be a software developer and software project manager at a private tech company and has experience serving as an IT specialist in the public sector for 8 years. He is now a founder of a cloud accounting software provider that services more than 100 SMEs called "Localize'', which is the 1st place winner in the DPA program 2022.

    *     Founder of Delight Tech: Mr. Vila Lay. He is Co-Founder and CEO at Delightech Plc., which is a 1st place winner in the DSA program in 2021. A start-up company in Cambodia-based, spearheaded by local industry professionals with significant experience of more than 10 years in operation from a variety industry both local and abroad in Fin-Tech and IT in the APAC region, provides the digital lending platform.

    Two honorable guests began by talking about their journey to creating their startup. Mr. Vila said that you can find the right market for your product or service by doing market research. He said that you should look at statistics, learn about your customers, and observe how society and social trends change. Mr. Hong also said that at the beginning of a startup, there is no fixed target market. Instead, founders need to learn as they go, narrow their focus, and find the right target markets along the way.

    Both speakers received first place winning titles from Techo Startup Center’s acceleration program. Mr. Hong said that he was interested in joining the program because it was one of a kind since it focused on tech startups, which is suitable for his startup. While getting a winning fund is a great thing, he also gets to network and receive good PR for his company. Mr. Vila agrees with Mr. Hong that the most important thing he got out of the acceleration program was PR. He also met a lot of great mentors and other founders who were able to help him with his startup and other useful lessons to apply to his company.

    *     Speakers also talk in the interview about:

    *     Reasons for starting a business.

    *     Their funds for starting a startup.

    *     strategies to introduce their product or service to customers.

    *     Essential factors that every aspiring founder should know.

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